Our Brunch Menu is available on Sundays, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Salads and Soup

Seasonal Soup
cup     4  bowl     6

Caesar     6
Hearts of romaine tossed in a roasted garlic buttermilk dressing, served with freshly-grated parmesan cheese and Vardaman sweet potato croutons
  add chicken     3.95  add shrimp     4.95

Waffles & Things

Chicken & Waffle     12
Fried chicken breast atop a Belgium waffle, served with whipped sorghum butter and fresh fruit

Buttermilk Pancake     9
Served with vanilla bean whipped cream

French Waffle     11
Pan-flipped Belgium waffle soaked in a French toast mixture, topped with Mississippi sorghum butter and candied pecans. Served with cheese grits and fresh fruit

French Toast Sandwich     11
Cheddar cheese and house-smoked bacon frittata served on a French toast brioche bun. Served with cheese grits and fresh fruit


served with cheese grits and fresh fruit

Southern Omelet     11
Egg omelet with house-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, roasted Vardaman sweet potatoes, and cream cheese

Crawditty Omelet     11
Cheddar cheese omelet drowned in crawfish sauce

Make Your Own     11
Choose 3 items from below:

Tomatoes Jalapeños
Italian Sausage Spinach
Bacon Diced Sweet Potatoes
Mushrooms Onions
Bell Peppers White Gravy
Additional Toppings 1.50

Sandwiches &amp Platters

Tyler Burger     10
8 oz hand-pattied burger, house-smoked bacon, gorgonzola cheese over a toasted brioche bun with garlic aioli.  Served with your choice of side

Biscuits & Gravy Platter     8
Two biscuits smothered in house-made sausage gravy
  Load ’em up with scrambled eggs     1.95
  House-smoked bacon or pork sausage     2.95

Huevos Rancheros Hash Browns     12
Shredded potato hash browns with house-smoked bacon and onions, topped with molten cheese, scrambled farm eggs, and salsa roja


served with cheese grits and fresh fruit

BLT Biscuit     10
Scrambled eggs, house-smoked bacon, and sliced heirloom tomatoes on a buttermilk biscuit, finished with a spring mix salad tossed in a warm bacon vinaigrette

Mississippi River Biscuit     12
Buttermilk biscuit topped with fried chicken, scrambled eggs, house-made bacon, cheddar cheese, finished with white sausage gravy

Classic Breakfast     10
Eggs your style with a choice of house-smoked bacon or breakfast sausage. Served with a buttermilk biscuit

Steak Biscuit     12
Buttermilk biscuit topped with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, Heartbrand Ranch wagyu flat-iron steak seared medium-rare, demi-glaze, basil chimichurri, and roasted tomato

Blue Plates

served with two sides and Vardaman sweet potato cornbread

Fried Chicken     9
Topped with crawfish sauce

Delta Catfish     9
Pan-seared, blackened, or fried, and topped with crawfish sauce

Chicken Meatloaf     9
Ground chicken breast and vegetables, wrapped in house-smoked bacon, and smothered in brown gravy

Hamburger Steak     9
Topped with sautéed mushrooms & onions, Swiss cheese, and brown gravy


Mashed Potatoes French Fries
Purple Hull Peas Butter Beans
Sweet Potato Fries Cheese Grits
Turnip Greens Baked Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Cornbread Dressing Mac & Cheese
Vardaman Sweet Potato Cornbread Muffin     .50
Grilled French Bread     .75
 Biscuit & White Gravy     5


Fried chicken     3.50
with one side

Mac & Cheese     3.50

Grilled Cheese     3.50
with one side

Kids Pancake     3.50


Local Whole Milk     3
Local Chocolate Milk     3
Orange Juice     2