Eating Local…

To us, eating local isn’t just a buzz word or the cool new “fad” thing to do, it is our way of life. Food is about our families, our communities and it is who we are.

When we started Bin 612 in the heart of the Cotton District seven years ago and Restaurant Tyler on the heart of Main St. a couple of years later, our focus was and has remained on being stewards of this community in the way we operate. Every step of the way, though it may cost us a little more and take a bit more time, we have supported and stayed true to our local farmers and our community. It is the only way we have ever known.

It’s an awesome feeling to meet with the farmers who are growing and producing the food we serve with honor and integrity for our community. Those men and women bring the flavor every single time and we are honored to work hand in hand with them in putting a great locally sourced meal on your plate!

We are proud that after years of doing things the “other” way, other area restaurants are following our lead and beginning to serve locally sourced foods and build relationships with those same farmers. That is a great thing for our community and we hope the movement continues to grow! Our restaurants vow to continue being the leading stewards of this Mississippi Community that we love and call home. We thank you for continuing to support us in our efforts when you EATLOCALSTARKVILLE!